Are pets allowed on board the Charter Bus?
A American Coach Tours Inc does not allow animals on any of our charter bus vehicles.

Is there room to store luggage and other items?
A American Coach Tours Inc charter buses are equipped with luggage bays and extra storage compartments that are capable of storing luggage.
How Do I Book a Charter Bus?
Just contact A American Coach Tours Inc at the phone number listed on this site.
What forms of payment do you accept?
A American Coach Tours Inc accepts organization, certified or personal checks, money orders, credit cards (Visa, Master Card & Discover ).
Is smoking allowed on the buses?
There is no smoking or alcohol allowed on any of our Charter buses.
On an overnight trip do I need to find a hotel room for the driver?
It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make necessary overnight arrangements for the driver(s) and incur the charges for the hotel room accommodations. (Drivers must also receive a $50 food allowance for each overnight stay.)
Frequently Asked Questions - - FAQ - -
When people travel by charter bus there are always a few questions about some of the rules and regulations. Here are some of the frequently ask questions about motoroach transportation.
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When is payment due?
There is a 20% confirmation payment for each Charter Bus that is required upon booking your charter bus(s).
Final payments for short distance charters are due in full before the chartered bus departs from the pick up location.

Final payments for long distance charters are due in full 3 Days before the chartered bus departs.
We also require a $200 Deposit/per bus at departure for cleaning and repairs that will be returned if the bus is basically clean and undamaged.

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